Introducing the Exmark EFI propane-powered mowers

Exmark Propane Lazer-Z S-Seriers mowersWelcome to Exmark’s new line up of electronic fuel-injected (EFI) propane walk-behind and riding lawnmowers

Exmark is constantly working on finding better, more environmentally friendly solutions for landscape professionals as they look to reduce their impact on the environment.

Part of what the company is doing is modifying its mowers to be easier on the planet while continuing to deliver exceptional performance.

Features of Exmark EFI propane-powered mowers

• Powerful by Kohler® Command™ EFI engines with closed-looped propane technology.

• The fuel efficient Kohler EFI dramatically reduces fuel consumption and emissions, with improved run time compared to a conventional carbureted propane system.

• Typical fuel costs for propane are significantly less than gasoline, resulting in lower operating costs.

• An ECU-controlled fuel lock-off delivers best-in-class no-choke starting.

Exmark EFI propane-powered mower models

60″ or 72″ Lazer Z® S-Series rider

52″ or 60″ Turf Tracer® X-Series walk-behind

48″ Turf Tracer S-Series walk-behind

Exmark EFI Propane Powered mowers