The Propane Education and Research Council, Washington, D.C., has added a new video to its Straight Talk video series highlighting Barnes Inc., a Madison, Wisconsin-based landscape company that operates 75 propane-powered mowers.

The video, which can be viewed on PERC’s website, provides an updated look at Barnes’ experiences using propane mowers five years after being initially featured in a 2014 Straight Talk video discussing its initial foray into operating with propane.

“Barnes is a textbook example of a contractor who starts by integrating just a few propane mowers into its fleet and then ultimately expands its propane use into much more of the fleet after experiencing the fuel’s numerous benefits,” says Jeremy Wishart, director of off-road business development at PERC. “In just five years, Barnes has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in overall fuel and maintenance costs from using propane mowers. We hope this new Straight Talk video can help show how a commitment to using propane can really make a difference for landscape contractors in both the short and long term.”
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