Todd Hendrix – President of Hendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies

Todd Hendrix – President of Hendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies
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Hendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies began as Hendrix Industrial Gastrux, which first opened its doors in 1954 by Cleve Hendrix. Todd Hendrix, Cleve’s son and current owner of Hendrix Industrial Gastrux, worked at Hendrix while growing up and has worked in every capacity. In 1978, Todd attended Southern Illinois University where he obtained a degree in Aviation Technology and an Airframe Power Plant mechanics license. In 1984, after two years of working as a helicopter mechanic, Todd returned to his roots and took over the family business.

Hendrix has been designing and building propane conversion systems for industrial trucks, forklifts, generators, man lifts, construction equipment and other machinery, including lawn mowers.

For more than 20 years, the commercial mower market has been interested in the many benefits of propane-fueled mowers. Landscape contracting companies of all sizes have seen propane as a viable alternative fuel that allows for a significant savings in their business operations. With the cost of propane 30-40% less than conventional fuel, a contractor with a small fleet of six mowers can save more than $12,000 per year on fuel alone. Reduced maintenance and cleaner emissions are additional benefits that many contractors report are significant in improving their business. Cost savings such as this allow contractors to become much more competitive when bidding on large municipalities, corporations, and colleges and universities.

In recent years, lawn care professionals have been requesting EPA-certified propane conversion kits for commercial lawn mowers. Propane engine conversions kits that are EPA-certified are eligible for incentives through organizations like the Propane Education & Research Council, state propane gas associations and others.

Hendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies now offers propane conversion kits that are EPA-certified for nine engines in three block sizes commonly used on commercial mowers, with more to come in the future.

The propane conversion kits are designed specifically for geographic elevations ranging from sea level to 2500 ft. and from 2500 ft. up to 5000 ft., to optimize engine performance for your location. Each kit includes a detailed installation manual with instructions on adjusting the engine idle, as well as the fuel mixture, to EPA performance specifications.

Hendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies offers onsite training for OEMs, dealers and end users and phone support is always available. Specific programs for OEM dealers are also available.

These EPA-certified propane mower conversion kits are available by calling 847-526-1700.