Jim Taylor – Certified Technician/Technical Support R&R Products

Jim Taylor (JT) – R&R Products
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Jim’s background is in operations management. He was VP of operations for Clarke Industries in Springdale, AR for 18 years. He was superintendent of the manufacturing floor care equipment, including a line of propane floor buffers. He then went to Grand Rapids, MI where he was VP of operations for Jackson Products – manufacturers of safety equipment.

With his experience in manufacturing and having engineering reporting to him, he was brought on at Onyx Environmental Solutions to help with the newly developed propane fuel system for the lawn and garden industry. From 2005 to 2009 while at Onyx, he was involved in sales, plant operations and spent time at several lawn mower manufacturing companies helping them design propane fuel systems for their mowers.

In June 2009 he was offered an opportunity with Heritage Propane to provide technical assistance to manufacturers, dealers, and contractors that wanted to go green.

In 2012 AmeriGas purchased Heritage Propane and Jim continued to train dealers and landscapers with Metro Lawn/AmeriGas.

In June of 2014 Jim was hired by R&R Products, based in Tucson, AZ. to help develop the propane fuel systems for their golf course maintenance equipment line. He is responsible for engine certifications and training golf course equipment technicians in proper use, and maintenance of R & R Products propane powered equipment.

If you have questions about propane or need technical assistance with R & R propane-powered golf course maintenance equipment, then ask Jim Taylor.