Propane Price Considerations

Ventrac Your Propane Solution
  • Establishing a fuel supply contract with a propane supplier is extremely important in order to obtain the most economical price for propane. More information regarding propane retailers can be found at:
  • For accurate comparison of propane vs. gasoline cost of operation:
    • Use the seasonal cost of both propane and gasoline … a general rule of thumb is that propane prices are lowest during the summer months while gasoline prices are at their highest.
    • Include Federal, State and Local Tax rebates and incentives for both gasoline and propane if applicable.
  • Cost of propane is also dependent upon refueling option:
    • Refueling from an on site bulk tank is generally the most economical fuel cost option. – The customer may supply the additional tanks required or the propane supplier in many cases will supply the additional tanks at no charge.
    • Tank Exchange Program – empty tanks are simply exchanged with tanks refilled by supplier as needed.


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