Propane Mowers

Green is just the way we like it in the lawn & landscape industry. (a.k.a. The Green Industry)

From integrated pest management to native species landscapes to LEED certification we’ve taken great strides forward in bringing our customers what they want and need from the green industry; truly green alternatives. We’re in the business because we enjoy the benefits of and have a great interest in our natural environment. Many of us however are still using the same gasoline powered equipment to do the job our customers are expecting us to do for them on a daily basis. That is until recently… So much has happened in the world of propane powered mowers over the past few years. Just a little while back there was only a hand full of choices if you wanted to run propane powered equipment. Now there are a number of options available from many of the major mower manufacturers. It seems there’s a movement afoot that is paralleling our efforts to provide green alternatives to our customers in the field of engine fuels. You might even call it a revolution! See what’s out there in the world of propane mowers from the navigation links on the right.

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