Propane Mower Manufacturers

The number of propane mower manufacturers is steadily growing.

We will be adding more information as changes occur.

Bob-Cat Predator Pro propane powered mower

Bob-Cat Predator-Pro LP : The 30HP Generac engines in our new BOB-CAT® LP models were designed to run on liquid propane. These propane-powered engines will cut ozone forming emissions by greater than 50% when compared to gasoline burning engines…Read more


Dixie Chopper Excaliber Propane Mowers

For well over a decade Dixie Chopper has been the industry leader in the production of environmentally friendly and fuel efficient alternative fuel lawn mowers….Read more


Exmark propane powered zero turn and walk behind mowers

Exmark propane powered mowers: Exmark is pleased to offer several environmentally responsible product offerings that still provide our customers maximum performance…Read more


Ferris Propane Powered Mowers

Ferris propane powered IS-3100Z: Many cities have banned the use of gasoline fueled commercial mowers before 1pm on “Ozone Action Days .”The FERRIS Propane Powered IS® 3100ZP meets all emission requirements by the Environmental Protection Agency…Read more


Gravely Propane powered zero turn mowers

Fueling a Lot of Interest – The Pro-Turn 400 LP Commercial Zero-Turn Mower
Robust power…undeniable durability…a cleaner burning fuel…that’s environmentally responsible performance…and that’s why everybody’s talking about the Pro-Turn 400 LP…Read more


R & R Products propane powered golf course maintenance equipment

R&R Products propane-powered Reel Max LP Fairway Mower features a propane powered Kubota engine, deluxe seating for operator comfort , power steering, digital diagnostics display…Read more

Scag propane powerd mowers

The New Dual-Fuel Scag Turf Tiger™. Ready to Roar on Gasoline or Propane! The new Dual-Fuel Turf Tiger runs on either gasoline or propane, and yet again sets itself apart from the competition…Read more


Kubota propane powered zero turn mowers
The ZP330 – featuring either a 60- or 72-inch deck option – boasts a 31-gross horsepower 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled liquid propane gas (LPG) engine for reduced CO2 emissions. The ZP330 is built for professional performance…Read more


Toro propane powered zero turn mowers
The new PROPANE POWERED Z Master® G3 not only reduces engine emissions, it can also lower fuel costs and engine maintenance. That means it’s not only green for the environment — it can also mean more “green” for your business…Read more


Ventrac propane powered articulating mowers and attachments
Propane is no longer just for mowing. When equipped with the Propane Kit, the Ventrac 4500Z allows operators to choose from over 30 commercial grade attachments to get more work done. …Read more


Zipper propane powered mowers
Zipper propane powered mowers: Out Front Technology –                                    Versatility * Flexibillity * Serviceabillity – Decide for Yourself…Read more
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