Propane engine conversion options

Alliance AutoGas propane engine conversions for fleet vehicles

Alliance AutoGas is an integrated network of clean fueling, vehicle conversion and high-performance technical expertise. We convert vehicle fleets from gasoline to clean-burning, domestic propane AutoGas… Read More

AltFuel propane engine conversions for lawn & garden equipment

Since the United States has the highest concentrations of natural gas and propane in the world and we want to encourage the use of domestically produced fuels… Read More

CLeanFUEL USA propane truck conversions

A visionary company since inception in 1993, CleanFUEL USA is recognized by fleet managers, fuel equipment manufacturers and distributors throughout the world for building safe and reliable equipment that satisfies environmental regulations and U.S. dependence on foreign oil… Read More

LEHR Environmentally Friendly Technology - Propane Engine Conversions

We develop and certify propane fuel systems to achieve the highest possible performance while dramatically reducing harmful emissions when compared to conventional gasoline engines. LEHR EnviroGard offers these fuel systems… Read More

Hendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies propane mower conversions

Hendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies is the commercial mower division of Hendrix Industrial Gastrux, that has been manufacturing propane conversion kits since 1953. Recently, Hendrix has received EPA certification for a variety of engines that are used on commercial lawn mowers. The landscape industry is taking advantage of the many benefits of propane as an alternative fuel, including reduced maintenance and of course, reduced fuel cost…Read More

Roush CleanTech Propane Powered Trucks

Saving money through lowered operating costs and reducing vehicle emissions does not have to mean sacrificing vehicle performance or range… Read More

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