Propane Engine Conversions

Just because you or your customers (if you’re an equipment dealer or repair shop) are still running gasoline engines doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the high emissions and particulate matter out put you currently have.

You can cut your emissions, lower your maintenance cost and extend the life of your engine by switching your equipment or service trucks to propane.

There are a number of options available to convert any of your gas powered equipment or trucks to propane.

You can convert any 4 cycle engine to propane from push mowers and backpack blowers to zero turn mowers and snow throwers.

There are conversions available for Chevrolet and Ford pick up trucks as well as factory equipped propane powered trucks.

You will not only save money on maintenance costs but you’ll save money on fuel as well.

We’re on our way to a cleaner environment and a more profitable bottom line when we power up with propane.

Have a look at the options you have for propane engine conversions using the navigation links on the right.

Please check out our resource locator for participating propane propane engine conversion centers near you.
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