Gravely Pro-Turn 400 LP Zero Turn

Gravely Propane mowers. Care the the Lawn and the Environment

Why Choose LP Power ?

Propane fuel offers many benefits to users.
Many customers are even seeking out landscape professionals that are using green maintenance methods.

A few of the benefits of using propane include:

• No spilling during fill ups (unlike gasoline)

• No shrinkage (employees cannot “borrow” propane to run their trucks)

• Propane tanks are certified by DOT for 12 years

• Propane averages 20-30% less expensive than current gas prices

• 97% of propane is domestically produced

• No storage problems from ethanol resulting in less repairs and maintenance

• Unlimited shelf life on Propane/ 30 Days on gasoline

Gravely Propane powered Pro-Turn 400 LP Zero turn Commercial Mower

Gravely Pro-Turn 400 LP Zero Turn

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