Ferris Propane Mowers

1761_FER_WEB_1013_V3_HeaderThe Ferris IS ® 3100ZP Propane Zero Turn Mower meets all emission standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Propane power paired with Ferris’ patented mower suspension technology makes this ZTR an attractive package!

Mower Model
Engine Specs
  Mower Deck
 IS3100ZBVP3261 895cc Vanguard BIG BLOCK Propane*     61″
895cc Vanguard BIG BLOCK Propane*     72″

Click here to download the Ferris IS 3100Z Propane zero turn mower spec sheet

“I’m planning on moving my entire fleet to propane. Not only is it better for the environment, it also increases my productivity. I’m saving money on fuel, and labor costs as well, since my crew isn’t spending time filling up at the pump. Propane has no additives and is a clean burning system. I save on maintenance since there is no carburetor or fuel filter to maintain.”

Shannon Wilson 
Sarasota, FL



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