Propane conversion kit installation overview

AltFuel Propane conversion kits for small engines


There are three basic parts to the AltFuel Green Conversion kit Model 2: The Regulation System, Fuel Supply Line, Intake Adapter, and optional cylinder attachment line.

1) Choose correct regulator: There are two basic regulators in the AltFuel line, Model 1(AF1) and Model 2(AF2). Model 1 is designed for non-OHV/OHC Briggs & Stratton push mowers. All other engines will use Model 2 which is an automatic regulator controlled by the demand of the engine which works on approximately 90% of small gasoline carbureted engines.

2) Fuel supply line: you will need to decide how long of a Fuel Supply Line you will need. This is done by approximating the distance from the back of the carburetor to the area where you would like to mount the regulation system. Remember to take into account any moving or folding parts along the path of where you intend to route the Fuel Supply Line.

3) Intake Adapter: The last step is to determine which Intake Adapter fits your engine. The Intake Adapter installs between the carburetor and the head of the engine.

4) Cylinder attachment line: If you are using a cylinder that is larger than 1lb and/or not directly attached to the regulator, you will need an attachment line for it.

5) In some cases you may need extra parts such as elbow fittings, stud extensions and other parts.


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