Commercial use propane engine conversion parts

AltFuel Propane conversion kits for small engines

Commercial Use Engines 20-45Hp: Engines with canister air filter assembly are automatically categorized as a commercial unit.

Conversion kits for Commercial units will consist of:

  • AF2 Regulation System
  • Commercial Fuel Supply Line
  • Intake Adapter
  • Intake Restrictor
  • Commercial Cylinder Attachment line
AltFuel AF2 Regulation System

For engines 20 – 45 horse power you will use the same AltFuel AF2 regulation system as you would for any OHV / OHC 4 cycle gasoline to propane engine conversion. You will use commercial fuel supply lines and related parts featured in the gallery on the left.

(Mouse over the images on the left for a larger view and parts descriptions.)



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