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David Calver - Metro Lawn / AmeriGas propane conversionsDavid Calver – Alternate Fuel Conversion Specialist – Operations, MetroLawn/AmeriGas

Dave has been involved in Propane Mobile Power, in one form or another, for about 28 years.

Earlier than that he had a hand in converting a number of cars and pickups to bi-fuel operation in Canada.

Dave and his family immigrated to North Carolina in the Fall of 1991 to purchase a light manufacturing company located in Greensboro.

The Company, which was known as A.L.COOK, designed and manufactured its own Brand of propane powered floor care equipment in various sizes. The Business grew from selling about a machine a day to an average of over 300 per month.

Dave will tell you that part of the reason for the Company’s success was that he had more people working with him, than for him.

When Dave assumed ownership, there were three persons on staff. When Clarke Industries, of St. Louis purchased the Company in the Fall of 1995, there were twenty-eight, and COOK was shipping to eight countries.
During the time that COOK and Clarke were developing a budding relationship, Dave designed and built a machine that would polish a stone floor using industrial diamonds.

Compared to other such equipment, the big difference in this machine was the engine operated on propane.

Heretofore, all such equipment were powered by a corded 220 Volt motor, or a battery system, and were very low in Productivity and laborious to work with.
COOK shipped the first five prototypes to the Clarke General Manager in England to test the machine at various UK locations.
The GM’s Report came back: “They’re a Home Run out of the box!”

The increase in Productivity was a huge leap forward. There are now several Companies who build this form of equipment that are powered by Propane.

Dave accepted a three year contract with Clarke. As time went on his time was split between managing COOK and introducing its Products to the Clarke Customer base which spanned sixty-nine countries. After the three years were concluded, Dave had accumulated about 700,000 air miles, and he decided to retire from the public eye.

One of the things that Dave considers to be a highlight for him was working along with Frank Lane, of Manchester Tank in the initial Development of what has become known as the Horizontal Vapor Cylinder. He considers Frank to one of those special people who know how to think out of the box. Two of the original prototypes from that project continue to carry the propane that powers Dave’s mower at home.

Dave joined MetroLawn, then a division of Heritage Propane in the Spring of 2011, and then continued with the Division as AmeriGas purchased Heritage in the Spring of 2012.

Dave travels to locations in the Southern Eastern US to continue to add to MetroLawn’s growing list of clients, especially in the Lawn & Garden Industry, who are now looking to grow their business by entering the Propane Mobile Power market.

MetroLawn is able to provide a wide range of Parts on a ‘Ship Same Day’ basis.
Through its growing experienced Tech Staff, of which Dave is one, MetroLawn has the ability to provide technical assistance, trouble shooting an issue with the Fuel System, often over the phone.

As a part of Operations, Dave’s Day also involves the pursuit of innovative Products, as well as devising better solutions, both of which are always focused on safety.

For more information go to the Metro Lawn Propane Conversions website  or for technical assistance contact  Dave Calver.

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